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Welcome to my Homepage www.jaddaland.de. Here you`ll find a lot of pictures and storys about my Hobbys. Ill hope you like it and if you want, write one or two words in the Guestbook.

My name is Jutta Flahove and im a librarien in a public library off Duisburg, Germany.

I like painting and fotografic. My journeys brought me to America, Scandinavia and other countrys. Sometimes I travell on my motorcycle and you will see, I really like cemeterys. I made a lot of pictures off angels at the cemeterys of Rome, Milano, Collogne or Bergamo. 

I allthough like Stargate, the Science-Fiction-Series. I write fanfiction and visited a lot of conventions.

Im interested in familyhistory. My family lived on a small farm near Dlmen. The history of the farm beginns in 1395 and my research included the hole history of this area. I found hundreds of people and at now, I search since 12 years.

If you intrested in more information please contact me under jadda@gmx.net

see you

your jadda/Jutta